Donna celebrates 40 years of adventure with her husband Tony
Donna Pope's impressionist works are best described as positve and uplifting. Her work has taken on a spiritual direction that has touched the lives of many. The stories shared have touched this artist as well.

Donna studied at Ray College of Design. She began her career as an Interior Designer, enjoying the challenge of balancing space, color, pattern and texture. Working in the field for only a few years she decided to return to the classroom and study fine art.

Resuming studies at Dominican University and later, The School of the Art Institute Chicago, Donna explored many different mediums, including printmaking. It was during this time that she started to experiment with the monoprint technique and commented....."painting on a plexi-glass plate rather than a canvas created a sense of freedom and flow, allowing my imagination to explore the images as they emerged on the plate and later onto my paper". Pope also added, "there are often many surprise nuances and effects, using this type of printmaking, that would be hard to accomplish by painting with brush alone". This print form eventually led to the creation of "Encounter with Angels" series as well as other works on paper.

Donna opened her gallery & studio in 2009. The gallery offers a satellite site for local artists to exhibit and sell their art. Artwork flows through this 4500 sq. ft. space where Accounting, Law and Art have come together. Although a bit unconventional, it's enjoyed by all!