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"Best Friends"

"Its a Big World"

"Little Dancer"

"Party Girl"

"Quiet Moments"

3-Generations Series: "Chill'n Out"

3-Generations Series: "Sweet Dreams"

3-Generations series: "Twilight Magic"

3-Generations Series: Carousel Cowboy

Collage Series: "Ancient Voices"

Collage Series: "Awakening"

Collage Series: "De Novo"

Collage Series: "Grasshopper's Delight"

Collage Series: "Last Dance"

Collage Series: "Spring Fling"

Collage Series: "Sundays Child"

Collage Series: "Butterfly Cafe"

Collage Series: "Whimsy of Springtime"

Monoprint enhanced..."First Snow"

Monoprint enhanced..."Morning Walk"

Monoprint enhanced: "Country Garden"

Monoprint enhanced: "Whispering Dune"

Pastel Series: "Bits 'n Pieces"

Pastel Series: "Blue Agave"

Pastel Series: "Bongo Beat"

Pastel Series: "Fish Fantasy"

Pastel Series: "Fruit Punch"

Pastel Series: "Summer Buzz"

Pastel Series: "Under the Rainbow"

Retro series: Hard Times

Retro series: War and Peace

Wine series: The Good Wife Just One

Wine Series: There's No Place Like Home

Wine Series: Under the Full Moon

Wine Series: Wine Enhances the Palette

Wine Series:Goodnight Moon End of Story

Yoga Series:

Yoga Series:

Yoga Series: "Blanace"

Yoga Series: "Inner Spirit"

Yoga Series: "No Rain No Rainbows"